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This weekend was amazingly productive. I got a lot of stuff done for Pennsic including getting the house clean. A good amount of sewing was completed, and I am getting to the point where I am down to just finishing things off in the car (buttons, buttonholes, lacing holes, etc...).

It was great having people over Sat for project day. Spinpsychology and I tackled Woodwindy's kirtle and under kirtle for some minor alterations. There was a lot of fabric. Miss Mina was a big help in getting her tunics measured. I got the first batch of cookies made for taking to Pennsic. The group decreed they don't suck.

Unicornpearlz now has a properly fitting pattern for bodices, and was able to complete 2 + under and overskirt this weekend (YAY productivity). I couldn't let her wear the new outfit without a properl fitting shirt, and I had one already cut out... So as she worked on gathering 5 yards of fabric into a fitted waist band, I worked on her shirt (it has frilly bits).

And the major accomplishment for the weekend is I have become the queen of the gussets. Now that I am remembering to put them in BEFORE I attach sleeve to shirt. I "heart" gussets.

Click for pics and project updates. )

Am ready for Pennsic? Are you out of your mind? I won't begin to expand on the list of what still has to be done/finished. But I have 3.5 days until pencils down. And even then, I will be doing finishing work, prior to wearage.

It's tradition.
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More machine sewing has occurred. I have finished 3 shirts, and most of the red dress. I have ordered more linen.

The pennsic project count (beginning mid May as that's when my Pennsic panic started).Clicky clicky... you know you want to. )

Of the nearly 133 yards of linen, I currently have about 10 yards left and 10 on order. Which means I have sewn ~110 yards of linen already. Wow (yup even for me).
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I have done nothing for 2 days. Well... technically not "nothing". I did sew 1 button hole yesterday and 1 kampfrau tie today. Tonight is going to be a bit busy as I get all the hand work together to take with me to Vegas. Yup. Going to a conference and Im bringing hand work. I can multi-task. I absolutely must finish the champion favors and several odds and ends including the King's waffenrok before EKWC.

Today's lunch project is to finish up Melchior's vest button holes. There are only 5 or so left.
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Ok... so this will probably be the last of the pics for a while, until I figure out what I'm going to do about replacing my little Fuji fine pix. [sigh]

Last night was productive in other areas than actual sewing. My new sewing/ textile artillerist badge is done! Thanks Simona/Kat. She brought me the art so I could create a new icon.:D It is suppose to be horizontal, but I wanted to show more of the art work. Its a cannon barrel and a spool of thread. Almost a literal translation of textile artillerist. But the visuals are in line with the NomNuts badge (which is making several heralds twitchy...)new badge )

My stoodint got practice taping a guy and not giving him man boobs. That was fun and Griff was a great sport about the whole thing. We also talked about cartridge pleating, when to use, when not to use, box pleats, why its better to hand sew those and why we use a simple gather (which is period) for garments being attached into a waistband. I think I like this learning/teaching thingy.

Though I made progress sewing stripes for pants and doublet, and hand attaching my new fencing skirt to its top.

Matt's pants- pictures speak a 1000 words. And I really cant do better than a visual except to say, I love sewing for the gaudy lower class soldier.... (yup those are the legs, same pants). The doublet will be the opposite.pants )

Costumer tricks 269 & 270- Concealed buttons and sewed on garters.
When I'm working on armor, I am most concerned with how the garment looks and its structural integrity. So I am not using 100% period techniques and occasionally I add a modern element that is concealed. Like buttons. The only way you are going to see this is if you are up close and very personal with the fencer and you better be buying breakfast. This adds a level of safety to the garment in case a tie fails. Which is not very likely, but is possible.Though oddly enough i draw the line at velcro... A girl has to have some standards.buttons )

I don't know about you... but some people I know have a hard time getting all the parts of their garb and themselves to the same event. Garters are one of those pesky items that complete the "finishing" touches on the pants, but... I know that they would get forgotten, lost, mutilated, etc... who know what else would befall these little fabric strips. Heck, I consider it a win if the garters actually make it to the rapier list tied properly (as opposed to "still pinned" neat little ironed rolls). Solution, sew them to the pants. If the pants make it to the event... the garters make it to the event. If the pants don't make it, then we have a different problem.garters )
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Yesterday was remarkably productive.
Pics and updates... clicky, clicky )

Today is a "day-off" for fencing. But I have 2 hours prior to practice to get some stuff done. I'm thinking the crimson dress, or some pants.
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Done- Bear dress, soldier's coat, 1 shirt

On deck- Shirt, coat collar, Kampfrau ties, Lissa skirts

Sorry... no pics today.
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I have amazing people in my life and for that I am grateful.

Projects happened. Food happened.  Much laughter happened.  Learning happened. Teaching happened. New patterns happened. Fabric happened.

Pics of the day here.

Quote of the day: Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, Matt, BOING! [giggle]- Miss MIna

Menu: Pork with coke sauce, corn, scalloped potatoes, shrimp Caesar salad, and cupcakes.

It takes me 1 week to go through 20 yards of white linen. Though not much sewing from me happened.  Sadly I am behind on the schedule, but should catch up some today. I was able to get Lissa's bodice and HRM fencing hood completed yesterday. I suppose I should stop procrastinating and actually turn the tunes on and get to work!
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I feel like I'm behind...  I know I'm not.  I am hoping I get a lot accomplished today.
Alesone: cut 3 pants (cause I used matt's pattern which didn't work out so well for my curvy hips),  new cap and 2 shirts
HRM: cut hood,
Melchior: cut 1 pant, 1 set of stripes for pants + lining, 1 shirt
Organized: got everything labeled, hanging, and ready to go, fabric in tubbies and off the table.

On deck:
HRM deconstruct waffenrok skirt from bodice (as I don't like the way it was hanging.)
Lissa: Dress and shirt
Alethea: soldiers coat
Melchior: waffenrok sleeve
Project day: teach Lissa, serve food, have a great time with everyone!
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I have moved a couple of things around on the schedule, simply because I got new linen in and wanted to get it washed.Progress marched on and I am still slightly ahead of schedule. My staging area for projects is getting full. Eventually I will get them done and off to their respective homes. This weekend will be spent with friends making patterns, sewing, and having food. I think projects should be getting completed too. After all I have bolt loads of fabrics and it guys night out/shoot the muskets weekend.
For those keeping score at home, pics below. )
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Yesterday was a bad breathing day, so I got an extra hand sewing day into the mix. I was able to make headway into the sleeve ties, only to realize that the new fencing armor needs ties too... Sometimes I really want to take short cuts. I mean, you don't see the ties. I could use a D ring on one side and one set of ties on the other, thus eliminating the need to do ties by 1/2. Then the other side of my brain kicks in and says, "you've gone this far, just do the darn ties". We shall see how many actually get done before pennsic. I might be a couple of sleeves short for a dress.For those keeping track at home... )

Currently I am still ahead of schedule.
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Yesterday was remarkably productive. I am currently ahead of schedule. Linen is going down, garments are going up. Today is technically a sewing day off, but if my lungs do not start cooperating... there will be no fencing tonight (for the record, breathing is NOT overrated).

I have been struggling with down time. I was filling the bus/car rides/hanging out with people with the waffenrok embroidery and then favor embroidery. I think I found my solution... I can work on sleeve ties. Those pesky things need to be hand sewn as I am not using cord. I need 8 ties (4 bows) per sleeve, I have 8 sleeves, and I can get one done per bus trip. In theory, I can get them all done in 32 days. One down, 63 to go.

And I have just come to the realization I need more buttons. Finding good quality, boring metal buttons is hard. Sigh... its always about the buttons.
Updates and pics... )
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This kinda goes with the Pennsic panic post.  I feel like Im forgetting something somewhere. I am anal (hyphen) retentive about these things. I put everything into MS project and created a calendar. If you should be here and aren't, let me know.

In theory, if you are on here... you can see when I will be working on your stuff.  Calendar's here.
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