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This was an amazing event. A perfect exercise in what you should do to make an event go smoothly and I was taking copious mental notes. I would gladly work for any of these people again.

I spent most of the day running around. I started the morning by getting all of the coolers filled and deposited in their correct locations for the heavy and rapier fighters. I dropped off the paperwork for the travel fund auction. I cut up 2 watermelons and separated 35lbs of chicken legs and thighs. Ran off to add ice to all the buckets and to get a cooler set up for Archery. Prepped a cart with Bruni to set up the royal rooms, and back to the kitchen to get the outdoor dayboard setup. Another cart load of ice and water replacements for the fencers and prep some dayboard bowls for the MICs for Archery and Fencing. Let the royals know that we had food for them set out in their rooms. One more circle through with more ice and then a five minute sit to see how the rapier tourney went. Measure the King for waffenrok. Back to the kitchen for more stuff on the cart for the outside day board and more water for everyone. Check on the travelfund person. Let their excellencies know they had food for them set out in their room. Check out the display of the A & S (awesome entries... the painted parasol was beautiful as was the painted chain mail). Check on the water... why aren't the heavy guys drinking... show TRM the completed embroidered panel. 10 minute sit down at the rapier list. And then more running around stocking stuff. I think I stopped for court. Kat was getting her OSC and I wasn't going to miss that and there was court bingo!

Court happened. I brought sewing. I was shocked to hear my name being called for the A & S as a co-winner of the heraldry competition. I think I even turned to Lissa and said "really... that's my name... really??" There were so many great entries, I didn't think mine stacked up against them. I received a really awesome scroll made by math5. Royal court happened. Owynn got a Burdened Tyger for his work on Mudthaw (which was a fantastic event) AND Order of the Silver Rapier for skill with a blade. Kat got called into court for her Order of the Silver Crescent. The look on her face was beautiful. The Pelican elevation was fun, and the hat was absolutely spectacular. All in all court was relatively short, which was nice as it was outside, and it was hot.

Awesome dayboard was AWESOME! And a very well run kitchen.

The most amazing sight to behold was House Bloodguard cleaning the kitchen. They were a force of nature and like a well oiled machine. I have never seen a faster kitchen cleaning.

The rest of the site breakdown went fast and we were off to tacos by 7-ish. I hope some one got pictures... the rest of the day was a blur.

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