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Long day was long.  Amazing kitchen crew was amazing. Feast went out later than expected, but not because we werent ready. People left full.  Kids tried pretty much everything. Got to meet some amazing kids. Slice open my thumb (pretty well in fact) and Dr. Scott patched me up with super glue and a band aid. Also amazing clean up crew was amazing.

And then there was the OOK Peer that was a douche....

6 dilaudids, 3 gabapentins and 3 atarax, and ice through out the day, got me through this feast. And the most amazing kitchen staff that made me sit down.   By the end of the night, I am glad I was forming coherent sentences, as I was waiting for more drugs to kick in.  Long story short, Collin told me to stay seated, and I said good, cause I wasn't getting up anyway. OOK peer leans over to his table loud enough for me to hear, that I was ungracious, and should have just kept my mouth shut.  I wasn't sure I heard him correctly so I asked him if that was what he said, and then told him off... nicely-ish.

I was still icing, the drugs hadn't kicked in, and all I could do was be angry. I couldn't leave to go be angry somewhere else, so I just got more angry, and broke down right where I was. And that is how people found me. Tired, crying and unable to leave. Most awesome Peer Alys, offered to take care of the matter, but also reminded me that he wasn't worth it. Small girl child, Marin who came up to tell me how awesome everything was, mattered. It helped.

Later, while saying good bye, I got stopped by OOK peer for an "explanation" because someone told him he was too harsh. I was trapped there, and got pissed off all over again.  Fortunately Doucette distracted him long enough to extract me from the situation.  The worst part of the whole thing wasn't that he thought I was a ungracious, rude to the representative of the crown and by extension the very crown itself. It was when I told him the effort it took to put food on his plate, his flippant response was, you looked fine earlier. I had many offers to deal with the gentleman. I declined.  Letting cooler heads just get me home.

Everything is a learning experience.  Even rude OOK peers.  Small girl child Marin... her opinion and the opinion of the rest of the children at dinner matter more. Maybe they will remember that period food is tasty, and be willing to try it again in the future.  Maybe they will want to help out in a kitchen someday.  But they... they are the future of our society. And I got to play a small part in making something "awesome" in their world.
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