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I am working on the beading for the bodice panel which will match my detachable sleeves for the purple gown. This is a nice time consuming project, which hopefully will be completed in time for KWAR/KWCS.
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Some days the prep takes longer than sewing. I had a 5 hour window of productivity last night from 7 to midnight. I only accomplished 2 of my billions of pre-pennsic projects. I laid out and cut what will become the Bear Dress (because the colors are the same as Cal Berkley). I edged the sleeves and sewed 1/2 of the bodice. This took 3.5 of my 5 hours. By the time I was done and looked at the clock, I had a moment of holy crap where did my time go... And now that I am looking at the bodice in the light, I will probably remove the front panel, and re-do it tonight as I am not happy with the lines or the color combination. In the other hour and a half, I was able to finish one barter stack project and added the sleeve cap to the Pickle Dress.

Costumer's trick #172 - Heat and bond 1/4" roll
This handy little trick allows you to "tack down" 1/2" edging into straight lines without bunching, folding and did I mention straight. The glue holds everything in place while it gets sewn down. You can use pins to help the holding power. I use the 1/4" so that I have a clean, clear edge for stitching down. Sometimes it is hard to get a needle (hand or machine) through the glue. I am not substituting sewing here, just using a product to help keep those nice even straight lines. On the Bear Dress, I am doing a double diagonal pattern and machine zig zag stitching the edging down (this is a respectable 1 ft dress, not an A & S entry).

Pic below... )

In period they used chalk, pins, time and probably quite a bit of cursing, un-doing and re-doing.

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