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Aug. 1st, 2012 12:53 pm
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Alive. Working. Pennsic prep madness. I will post more later. Right now, it's nap time.

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Jun. 5th, 2012 02:59 pm
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From [ profile] lumineaux: Food, Ambition, Pandas, Books vs. E-readers, First garb, Favorite movie

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I have found the dress the velvet wants to be. I have done the Cranach in wool and after some tweeking of the bodice I think I will be quite happy with it.

This will require a bite of research.


May. 9th, 2012 04:48 pm
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I am looking at getting some class ideas together for KWAR/KWCS (rapier and costuming in Chicago). What sounds like it would be beneficial to folks?

Duct tape doubles
Pattern draping
Rapier head protection (over, under, attached type of hood)
List legal, persona based armor
Heraldic clothing for the list
Working class kitchen clothing
Other class suggestions?
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I found 5 yards of lovely purple velvet.  I think it wants to be a Cranach gown.  I have found a gown style that I like, Judith Victorious c. 1530.  And here is where the questions start.
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I want to build a heraldic gown. I am willing to go out of my comfort zone and time period/cultures to do so.
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Fabric has been ordered for some armor projects.
Supplies have been purchased for sugar projects.
Sooper seekrit project fabric has arrived.
Buttons have arrived.
Invitations have arrived and gone out.
Favors in and mostly ready to go.
Vacation plans have been finalized.
More sparkly things have been sewn on the cloak of awesome.
Prizes for baking competition have been ordered.
No events planned until Mudthaw.
Research has begun for Pennsic sugar project.
Classes submitted for Pennsic.
Footwork and hand drills for fencing underway.

I have yet to decide if I am actually going to IB birthday or coronation. Or if I will be teaching at KWCS. I also haven't decided if I am going to do the subtlety contest for Mudthaw. Fairly relaxing Spring.Cold of doom is done so I can go hang out with people tomorrow. March will be a busy sewing month.
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I have successfully done nothing but sit and play Skyrim for 2 solid days. It was kind of glorious actually.
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KQAS happened. It was a good day. My entries showed well, scored well. Feedback was sparse but that was not unexpected. I have thoughts about the whole process, but I think accepting is about where I am. It was very exciting to see people like the period version of the Manus Christi over the modern. I am glad I did the side by side comparison.

I have my project for next year already ready to go. I will be doing the ship structure. I will have much more time to work on it. Mungo was a test piece, proof of concepts. Now I can build a bigger more intricate structure. And I suspect it will take me most of a year to get it completely ready to go. The good news is I don't really need to write "new" documentation for it.

I did have Mord as one of my paper judges. And I come away from that experience with some great ideas for a different paper. Probably the next paper I actually write will be about the differences in clientele between "royal", "city" and "country" geographical areas. And I will be sending my current paper off to the editor of CA for review to potentially publish as an article.

Noisemakers as an event went very well. And now I am taking an event break until Mudthaw. I may send Matt to IB Birthday on his own. I may declare a work on wedding stuff weekend. ;-)
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Question time: I am getting ready to make the last of my 3 entries for the weekend. I want to do a confectionery entry. Do I just make one candy and hope people understand the intricacies of creating a dollop of gilded sugar? Or do I do a couple of different candies of the same time period and offer them up as examples of medieval confections.
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So I played with sugar and gold and rose water and got Manus Christi. I even did it using some of the new spiffy 18th century refined method loaf sugar and not using a thermometer. It is an interesting little confection.  It's super light and airy and OMG sweet.  It produces an effervescent mouth feel.

Surprisingly, the first batch I made, I cut the rosewater with regular water because I didn't want to over power the confection. And I ended up needing to add more rose.  It really does need the 1:1/2 ratio of sugar to rosewater.  Otherwise the sugar overpowers the rosewater and all you are left with is a house that smells like rosewater and a confection that tastes like boring ole sugar.

I think I will be entering this into A&S next week. Blog post is up on project journal.
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Paper is done. Well... as done as it is going to be 2 days before the due date.  I may even just call it done.  I hate writing. It is very stressful. I had a metric ton of help.  Proofreaders are god-sent. But it's done, sent off to the parties in charge and posted on my blog.

Now I can do what I've wanted to do for over a week. After Birka-con I am going play with my 2 cones of artisan refined sugar, 18K gold flakes and try to overcome the ingrained training of NOT stirring boiling sugar.

I feel like a kid who has finished cleaning their room and can now go play outside.
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First real draft is done.  All that's left is to pick it apart, move stuff around and plug all the holes.
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1. I finished writing the armature section of the research paper and now I can write the fun stuff.
2. I am no longer worried about paneling  for period competency on the cope at Birka. I will be able to get more advice, panel the gold work and get a little more direction on the documentation.
3. I had a credit at the online linen store and linen is on sale.
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I wrote more of my research paper, there was lobster for dinner and I got all the grocery shopping done for the week.
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[ profile] dervishspin had some interesting things to say about hunger.  She said we could direct people to the post if we wanted to. It's long and cohesively rambles about the types of hunger. Specifically what she thinks about the types of hunger.  And it resonated with me.
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kandy_elizabet has started posting why today rocked, as a way to find good things about the day. The "rule" she's working from is that it has to be something positive, even if it's as simple as "My coffee stayed hot until I finished it" -- to find *something* each day to be glad about, something positive. I think I'm going to give this a go.

  1. Iron Bog welcomed to[ profile] collin_m and [ profile] oaken_glen in as the Baron and Baroness.
  2. [ profile] katyaehal ran a great kitchen and it was a pleasure to work in.
  3. Alys Mackyntoich ([ profile] lumineaux) took me as a protege.
  4. Everything I needed get done this week, got done.
  5. [ profile] caitlindancer and I finally got to reveal the project we have been working on since May.
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William Shakespeare

The alesone is not
So long as we can say, 'This is the alesone'.

Which work of Shakespeare was the original quote from?

Get your own quotes:

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Here is part 2 of the research paper, apothecaries and sugar refining.  Feedback welcome.
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