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Itchy issues: Having the all the external stitches out has helped with the itching. Round 2 of steri-strips is having the same reaction as round 1, but this time I have more powerful drugs. And the strips are suppose to stay on about 2 weeks or when they start to fall off.  But I am certain, when they fall off was not suppose to be last night.  The nice Resident Redshirt (tm)*, Jim put them on while the spray was still wet. Will be trying butterfly closures later tonight.

Walk-a-bout: Walking is seriously over-rated. I am back up to pain med every 4 hours, rather than the every 6-8 I was at yesterday.  Holy flaming sheep, my foot hurts, hanging around a 7-8 on the pain scale. I am hoping to by next weekend for RW.  I am alternating between walking and scootering. Doc says don't rush or push it, as my foot is still angry from all of the reactions it was having. So I am actually not pushing it.  I couldn't if I wanted to really.   I am suppose to be wearing a normal shoe, but swelling is pretty bad and there is no way I am getting my foot into a normal shoe yet. I tired.  Had it on for all of 2 seconds before I started toddlering "get it off, get it off" and flinging the offending shoe in some direction ( i still havent found it yet). 

Part of the interestingness is my foot mechanics.  Removing most of the fascia, removes most of the arch.  And they did put some sort of bio-meshy artificial arch in the place where my fascia used to be, it still isnt a fascia. And tendons dont grow back.   So when I walk, there is more surface area of touching the ground. Which is odd, because there is a large part of the foot that isn't suppose to touch.  So my body compenstates for this by rolling my ankle out.  Which is bad, because I am woefully unstable with my ankles to begin with.  This moves my whole leg out of alignment and I get sharp twingy pain shooting through my knee.

Recovery is going to be... slow. And I am not a patient person.  It means I am going to have to wait a week or 3 to start fencing again.  Getting up and down stairs is still tricky and practice is in the basement. And I am going to have to rely more on Bob, my sous chef for RW.  But we had this contingent in place for this possibility. Ironically having the menu kerfuffle actually made the menu less complicated to execute.

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