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I had surgery on Friday to remove a fibroma in one foot and a screw in the other.  Ended up as a guest of Presby for Friday/Saturday.   They wanted to watch my pain levels and my blood pressure (it can go a little wonky after surgery).

The anesthesiologist was the same guy who did my foot last year.  Several of the nurses were the same as well.  And I think there was at least one other resident who was there when we did all the reconstruction of the right foot. We had a med student hanging out with us in the surgery. I remember him asking the residents and Dr. Malay if he could watch.  They said sure.  I asked him his name, which was Elliot, and I welcomed him to the party. Poor Elliot, he was just there to watch and he got tapped in to taking all of the pictures.

They ended up taking almost the whole planar fascia.  Apparently the fibroid was very large, deep and it looked "angry."  The doc said it was pretty red and pissed off. I'll get to see pictures at my appointment next week (yeah, Im that kind of nut who likes to see what they removed). So with the fascia mostly missing, they ended up putting in a graft of some sort of meshy stuff which is suppose to help support the soft tissues of my arch.  Sort of a fake fascia, but without the tendon properties of a proper arch. They removed the screw that used to be holding bone together.  Now that the bone is is totally fused, the screw is unnecessary. It had worked its way out of position on its own and was causing issues.

Up on the ward, I was back on the orthopedic floor.  Where there were several people that remembered me from last year. And while I was sitting there watching the CARE channel of soothing music and pictures of fluffy bunnies, and looking at the wonderful view of downtown Philly, I realized I was tired of knowing what was coming next. For the next 23 hours I would be asked my name, birth date, show my id band and have my vitals taken.  I would be asked my pain level, which would be "cant feel squat" for 12 hours due to the neural block.  And right on cue, at roughly 10pm, the block wore off and my foot was on fire. J

I need some time off. My body has had a surgery almost every year since 2007.  4 of which have been on my feet. I have another growth camped out in my left arch, it isn’t as big or as angry at the moment.  And I have had a stern talking to it about staying that way.  I want at least a year off before I have to have anything else done to my body. But we will see.

I don’t know what will happen once I am able to walk again. My balance will have shifted again and there's that whole missing arch thing.  I want to fence again.  But I don’t know how my game will change. I was just getting used to balance and how my feet moved. I have a feast coming up for RiverWar.  Bob will be in the kitchen with me so I am not worried about the food or service. I know he will make me sit my ass down when I need it. Some of the down time is nice. I am getting to spend some time with my boy and just hanging out.


I have two big, blah beige, bandages on my feet. I was feeling depressed so I painted my toes, bright red. Katya is coming over to help bling out my surgical shoes. I am thinking of painting some flames on my scooter.

 I can use any good thoughts you guys have.  I am having a hard time mentally with this. I am tired of being at war with my body.  And I know there will be more to come. I just hope there is a break before the next battle.
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