Feb. 13th, 2012

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KQAS happened. It was a good day. My entries showed well, scored well. Feedback was sparse but that was not unexpected. I have thoughts about the whole process, but I think accepting is about where I am. It was very exciting to see people like the period version of the Manus Christi over the modern. I am glad I did the side by side comparison.

I have my project for next year already ready to go. I will be doing the ship structure. I will have much more time to work on it. Mungo was a test piece, proof of concepts. Now I can build a bigger more intricate structure. And I suspect it will take me most of a year to get it completely ready to go. The good news is I don't really need to write "new" documentation for it.

I did have Mord as one of my paper judges. And I come away from that experience with some great ideas for a different paper. Probably the next paper I actually write will be about the differences in clientele between "royal", "city" and "country" geographical areas. And I will be sending my current paper off to the editor of CA for review to potentially publish as an article.

Noisemakers as an event went very well. And now I am taking an event break until Mudthaw. I may send Matt to IB Birthday on his own. I may declare a work on wedding stuff weekend. ;-)

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